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How much is this going to cost?

The price of a repair depends on what is to be done, which depends on (1) the condition of the book, (2) the value of the book, (3) the use to which you intend to put the book, and (4) your personal taste.

Every book has unique issues and must be evaluated to determine the best and most cost-effective treatment. Sometimes a very simple repair is all that’s needed, such as repair of worn areas and cleaning. A book with a badly damaged cover may need rebinding. If the cover is all right, but the pages are loose, the pages can be repaired and replaced in the original cover. Old books have the patina of age, perhaps with wonderful designs, tooling, marbled endpapers, or other fine details that are simply not practical to replicate in a new binding. This is where a careful, conservative restoration is appropriate to preserve these wonderful elements.

For repair estimates and advice, the best thing is to email me with a description and a medium-resolution photo of your book. Include the book name, author, and date of publication. Send email to

Books for sale

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